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KINDLING – a collection of short stories.

July 19, 2011


This is my first collection of short stories.  It consists of twelve diverse tales that are written in a wide range of styles including first, second and third person narration and a Glaswegian vernacular narrator.  In these stories a variety of themes are addressed from the visionary take on the arts, science, politics and self-determination of the opening story through to the closing tales exploration of madness by way of murder and finally redemption.



1. Choose Your Future – Winner of the Canongate Prize for New Writing, first published in the anthology “Scotland into the New Era”.  Speculative fiction concerning our near future, written in the second person.
2. Recycling – First published in the anthology “Scores 4” by the University of St. Andrews, Department of English.  After a marriage breaks up a mother and daughter attempt to come to terms with their new life.
3. The Waster’s Tale – Winner of the EndPapers Tales Series Prize, first published in the anthology “Glasgow Tales”.  Written in the vernacular voice of a Glaswegian waster, this story follows twenty-four hours in the narrator’s life.
4. The Wheel of Justice – Hilariously funny dark humour set on a near future television game-show in the United States.
5. She Won’t Call – A snapshot of contemporary student life outside the lecture theatre shows the home-life of two housemates.
6. A Cataract of Breaking Glass – A heartbreaking tale of transatlantic love and loss.
7. Come Dancing – Flash fiction in a one page sketch combining the joys of music and sex.
8. The Farmer’s Right Arm – The wonders of modern technology take on old-fashioned faith in this story set on a farm.
9. Jaipur Gems – A gullible tourist encounters the gangsters of the gemstone business in the city of Jaipur in India.
10. The Adventures of Freddie the Moth – The tale of a man’s egotism and vanity cured through metamorphosis.
11. Work Abroad – Hopes of a bright new future in another country don’t always turn out quite as they initially promise.
12. The Tell-Tale Trunk – My contemporary reworking of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story “The Tell-Tale Heart”.


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